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Dear colleagues,

Hereby I give you some information how things are going with Erasmusplus Project AXEP.

These schools all have said that they agreed to join the project.

  1. El Peralejo School in Alpedrete-Madrid, Spain.
  2. Gozo College – Zebbug Primary
  3. Openbare Dalton School De Plantage in Houten (coordinating school), The Netherlands.
  4. Primary school in Kypseli on Aegina, Greece.
  5. Primary school of Lindi, in Audru Parrish, Estonia
  6. Volksschule Karres, Austria.

You will receive the final submitted application of our project this week.

Thanks to all the information that I received.

We can later decide at what time we can visit each other and if we can bring pupils with us and how many.

There will be a suggestion schedule for visits.

First, we have to cross our fingers; the assessors will look at our document.

They let us know before the 15th of July if we can go on, for most of us it will be vacation time…….

After that, I will make a short activity list with suggestions for the first period.

More questions do not hesitate and call/mail me.

As usual, waiting for your reaction, keep in touch, with the best wishes from Diana Brouwer too.

As usual, keep in touch,

Anton. 0031613698777

An Erasmus+ application involving your organisation has been submitted. This project will be evaluated over the next months. You may find further details below.

You are receiving this notification because you have been identified as the legal representative or contact person for your organisation.
In case your organisation is not participating in this application, please contact the National Agency identified below.

Project Information

Project Title: Inclusive Education on European Primary Schools
Action: School Exchange Partnerships (KA229)
Call for proposals: 2019
National Agency: NL01 National Agency Erasmus+

Applicant organisation

Your organisation is the applicant.
Legal name: OBS de Plantage
PIC: 903498062
Legal Representative Diana Brouwer
Contact person Anton Verwey

Submission information

Submission ID 1545278
Submission date (dd/mm/yyyy): 10/03/2019
Submission Time (Brussels, Belgium time): 16:47:00
Form ID: KA229-DEB1C51E