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Dear colleagues,

Hereby I give you some information how things are going with Erasmusplus Project AXEP. Most of you have the contract of your agency.

Hello Jose, Eva, Ulla, Kaire, Peter, Sandra, Anthoula, Stavroula, Lilly, Carlos, Katharina, Ruben and colleagues.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!   Our project is accepted….. so we can work together!

  1. El Peralejo School in Alpedrete-Madrid, Spain.
  2. Gozo College Gharb Primary,
  3. Openbare Dalton School De Plantage in Houten (coordinating school), The Netherlands.
  4. Primary school on Aegina, Greece.
  5. Primary school of Lindi, in Audru Parrish, Estonia
  6. Volksschule Karres, Austria.

In September, we will inform you more about the project content of this project year, the details of the visit to Houten and the website. We will tell you about the start of this project and inform you about an item for all pupils: make a nice logo of our AXEP European Friendship Project.

We also will give more information for the first visit in The Netherlands and about the places to stay.

The concept data for the visits will be for this year as follows;

Netherlands:              28 October – 1 November 2019

Austria:                     27 January – 31 January 2020

Spain:                        2 March – 9 March 2020

Malta (Gozo):            30 March – 3 April 2020

Estonia:                     20 April – 24 April 2020

Greece (Aegina)        :       25 April – 29 May 2020

We will have contact about the traveling days, because it is in some cases a long way from the airports to the schools.

In September, we will have contact about the visit to Houten, the program, the host families, the choice of the hotel, the competition of the Logo, the questionnaires for the pupils and other relevant matters.

Eva Hola from Prague will arrange the website matters.

Because some rules about traveling with pupils are different in the countries of our schools, we want to arrange things for every one!

The main goal for all the visiting pupils is to meet the class in the host school and have some host mates.

We have experiences with language problems and we show you how we can deal with that, there are nice and pupil friendly solutions…. We will show and inform you.

The main purpose was to have the children in host families; your pupils will be more than welcome! All parents are known and visited by our teachers/management. During the week, their own teachers are in school too. Some schools bring parents to assist.

There are 2 possibility’s for your pupils:

  1. The pupils from your partner school stay with a host family and the host pupil of the class where they are this week.
  2. The pupils from your partner school stay with a host family and the host pupil of the class where they are this week after school time, have dinner there and sleep in the same hotels as their teachers. Of course this is for your own school budget.

Please send us the info about the rooms you need (attachment).

It will be difficult to find hotels for this week but we also made some arrangements for you in the following hotels: Hotel Schildkamp in Asperen and Hotel Het Posthuys in Leerdam. You can travel easily from Leerdam via Geldermalsen to Houten or we can arrange taxi busses.

It is holliday time in our country so we cannot have the reservations for a long time, so inform us soon (see the attachment)

The staff of De Plantage in Houten, the coordinating school is preparing the program for the week in Holland. They will arrange a presentation of the pupils on stage about “Welcoming strangers and how to deal with prejudices about foreign food….” informing host families and preparing a program for your pupils. They also will be arrange some excursions for you.

During this week, there will be meetings for you (teachers, coordinators or directors/heads of school) about the next visits, the presentations at your school, the reports for our agencies, and the website. Eva Hola from Prague will come on Tuesday to inform you so that you can work easily with our website….

You will also get information for pupils that will travel and information about our country and of course about the school, and the competition about our logo!

We will send  the next Bulletin in 14 days……

If there are any questions, just contact me, do not hesitate,

With the best wishes of Erwin Demare, Diana Brouwer and her staff too. As usual, keep in touch, Anton. 0031613698777.