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Zebby – the mascot from Malta visited Lindi (Estonia) from 19tf to 28th of April

Children from Lindi school were very excitid  to host our guest from Malta. We hope Zebby got many good memories from time he spent with us in Estonia!

Greete (10 y old):

The day I met Zebby we went together to do some spring cleaning around our old school house. After that we went to our house and Zebby met our pets and also we fed the hens. Then I showed him our backyard and we went to the forest behind of our home.

The next day I showed Zebby the sea and we admired beautiful spring flowers.


On the last day we went to plant new trees in the forest.

There I introduced him to my friend Emmaliisa who became Zebby´s next host.



Emmaliisa (10 y old):

Zebby was with me for two days. In the evening I read him a book “Lumeõde” (Snowsister) by a Norwegian author Maja Lunde.

He met all my pets: two dogs, two cats, two parrots, 2 ponies, 2 rabbits, 9 hens and a rooster, also 3 chicks (a month old) and a week-old chickens and my grass snake.

Also, he got a chance to play with snow that surprised us this week.

Zebby got a new friend – my teddy bear Mõmmi.

We had a good time together!


Andero (7 y)

My name is Andero and I am in 1-st grade.

I read a book to him called “Great stories” from series of Masha and the Bear.

I also showed him my Zoom lessons – this is how we studay at the moment.


We went to the sea together on the fishing boat where my father is working. And we caught lots of Baltic herrings.


Our dog just had 9 puppies and I showed them to Zebby.  Zebby saw how they took their first steps and opened their eyes.

I liked to be with Zebby!