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Surveys from pupils at the visit to De Plantage at Houten in The Netherlands.

Before they came:

  • Bikes, tulips, clocks, cheese and mills. There are a lot of monuments and sculptures.
  • There is a lot of water and it is dangerous all that water.
  • They use a lot of windmills.
  • Everyone eats a lot of cheese every day.
  • The schools are special I do not think that I like that.
  • The family’s will be different.
  • I can not talk to te pupils. We do not understand the pupils and the teachers.
  • In the weekend they go to other places with their families.
  • The food is strange and typical.
  • There is a lot of wind and rain.
  • Strange trains and busses
  • You see tulips everywere.
  • All the pupils play and watch football.

After the visit:

  • It was a great experience.
  • I did not see a man or woman on clocks.
  • The food was good and the same as in my country.
  • My family was almost the same as at home.
  • Holland was beautiful and so green.
  • I talk to the teachers, the child’s, my friends and family in English because this is the language we booth speak.
  • The weather was nice, only the last day in Madurodam we had rain.
  • The school was big and nice, pupils could choose what to do.
  • It was modern with all the trains and bikes.
  • I could speak with the other students of countries.
  • They had gymnastics in school.
  • The houses were colorful.
  • We travelled quick by trains.
  • I had stroopwaffels for the first time in my life, like it.