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Dear colleagues,

Hereby I give you some information how things are going with Erasmusplus Project AXEP.

! Thanks for all the information that you send me. I must conf

  1. Finally the draft version of the application form is ready. They said it would be less paperwork….. this application form is more than 120 pages ess that I made a few (understatement) additions and corrections in some epistles.

It was a heavy job……. L …..!

  1. There are quite a few differences between the schools between some school descriptions and motivation participation. You can look at the info of the other schools and add what you think is necessary. Request: look at your information and complete it and improve it.

You have to know: the form will be read by an assessor who wants to read what the goal is in an European context. So you have to promote your enthusiasm

  1. From a few schools there must be additional information about the Erasmusplus projects in which they have participated such as title and coordinating school. Please look at it.
  2. Please check all phone numbers and email addresses etc.

There will be at least 6 meetings during this project. Because we take children with us we need budget for that. So at the moment there are this number of visits + 2 extra visits: 1 to Aegina and 1 final evaluation visit to The Netherlands. Bigger schools can take 4 pupils at the first meeting. I will ask the Dutch Agency if we can have 12 meetings.

  1. Please look at the time that your host task will be asked. So there is an indication of the month of visit.
  2. If you find more problems or mistakes just let me know before next Friday day the 8th of March. Yes, I know that you are busy, but there is a meager consolation; everyone is busy. Next Friday I can ask the agency for information.
  3. How can you pass your information or corrections:

Copy the part from the PDF-file that is in the attachment and copy it into a Word document.

Mark your additions or comments in yellow, as in the example:

Page number 234 text about coordinator:

Anton is a nasty and stupid coordinator who has sent a boring application form. It certainly has no chance of success.

Page number 234 text about coordinator:

Anton is a nice and intelligent coordinator who has sent an interesting application form. It certainly has every chance of success.


  1. With the former project, I had to send in all the documents of financial information and identity with the application form. That is why I asked you to send them to me. Owing to the new European privacy rules, you must upload them yourself into the Participant Portal. Ask your agency if you do not know how.
  2. More questions, do not hesitate and call/mail me,

As usual, keep in touch,

Anton. 0031613698777