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Pexa from Holland visited Lindi school children in Estonia from 24th to 31st of May.
Pexa arrived at 24th of May and we all welcomed him at school house.

Pexas mom sent us a bag of sunflower seeds and we all planted sunflower seeds on that day.

  Young sunflowers (after a week)





Pexa made his first visit to Emmaliisa.  After school they went together to Emmaliisa´s skiing training .


They were joined by Paula, Lisete and Heijamari from our school and went together to the playground.

After training they stopped by a farm and  Pexa met a donkey named Elinor and two goats.


On the next day Pexa went to visit Kirtel from 1st  grade.

It was her 8 birthday and it was a great birthday surprise for Kirtel that Pexa came to visit her.


They ate cake and opened presents together.



On the next day they went to walk in Pärnu. There were beautiful flowers in the park and Pexa liked the fountain.



In the evening they played board games and Kirtel read a book to him.


On the next day they went to school together. Kirtel liked to be with Pexa very much.

After the school day Pexa went to visit Gretheliis from 1st grade.  They went together to her friend´s birthday and had a great time.


In the evening she took him to bed with her. On Sunday they jumped on trampoline and and made swing yoga.

Gretheliis liked to be with Pexa and they had lot of fun together.

We all wish him a safe travel to Spain and hope to meet him some time again!