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Axep Erasmus plus- visit to Austria

Day 1 sunday 26/1/2020

We met the children at the airport and after a little delay we left for Innsbruck. In Innsbruck we got a cab to Karres, to Gasthof Traube, where we got a warm welcome and a nice dinner.

Day 2 monday 27/1/2020

At breakfast we met the other teachers and children from Malta, Spain and Estonia. At 8:45 we went to the Volksschule Karres to meet the children. They gave us a warm welcome with a musical performance. The foreign children from the project made a presentation about their country and showed it to the other kids and teachers from the project and the Austrian children.

We also met the mayor of Karres and he treated us to a nice lunch. In the afternoon we went to Imst and went sleighing in the snow with all the teachers and children from the project.

Day 3 tuesday 28/1/2020

We went to the school al 8:45 and we learned about an Austrian festivity: Fasnacht. It is a festivity that happens every 4 years. It is about the seasons spring and winter and how they compete with each other. The people wear special costumes, which the children got to colour after the presentation about Fasnacht.

The children of the project also got an assignment: they had to make a small presentation about Austria. So they had to find some information about Austria and put it in a presentation. We made sure we got mixed groups, so all countries worked together.

In the afternoon the children went with their host families to play and had fun.

Day 4 wednesday 29/1/2020

Everyone, so the children and teachers from the project, and the teachers and children from the volksschule, went to Innsbruck. We got in a big bus and the first stop was the Kristallwelten of Swarovski. There were a lot of beautiful things to see, made out of Swarovski kristal.

After the museum we went to the ski jump in Innsbruck. This is where the Olympics took place several times. We went up in the special elevator and there was a spectacular view. I think, because we couldn’t look very far because of the fog.


Because of the bad weather we went home early and had fun at the Gasthof.

Day 5 thursday 30/1/2020

The teachers of the project went to school early, so they could look in the classroom and see how the Austrian teachers educated their children.


At 8:45 the other children of the project came and we had a workshop about refugees. The workshop was for all the children. The story of Malala Yousafzai was told with a picture book.


After lunch two groups presented what they had found out about Austria. The others would follow the next day. In the afternoon the children and some teachers learned how to ski. Anton was so kind to teach them.

At dinner that night the children felt the imminent departure: they exchanged phone numbers and a lot of selfies were made.


Day 6 friday 31/1/2020

The last day! After packing out suitcases we went to the school. There we listened to the remaining presentations about Austria. Our children also got a certificate from Peter for their skiing adventures the day before.


After our goodbyes we went after schooltime in the afternoon to Innsbruck and did a little sightseeing with the children. We flew back about 18.30 hrs. to Eindhoven. there were all the parents waiting for their children.