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Lindi Elementary School students and teachers visited OBS de Plantage school in Houten (Netherlands) for the last AXEP project meeting from 30. of May – 4. of June.

On that project meeting participated Gretheliis and Ragnar accompanied with two teachers.

During this weeks children had a wonderful opportunity to get to know dutch culture and get new friends. Every visiting school did a presentation of their school and explained the differences of the countries´ nature, culture and the school system. At school our students  participated in the lessons and took part different activities. Even a cooking class was prepared for them.

All over the school we could see that we were very welcomed to the school. Every day our students had lessons together with hosting school´s children


At school we got to know a little of a programme called “Rock and water”. It is a programme used to teach reliability and trust through different exercises. The aim is to teach everyone that sometimes we have to flow like a water and sometimes we have to be like a rock to support others. On the pictures – doing exercises in the “Rock and water” programme. Thank you Joyce!


The dalton way of learning – felt like home. Doing some research of local flora and fauna.  During a walk to the school we had an unexpected meeting with our national flower – cornflower in the field for bees.


Every visiting school did the presentations of their homeland and schools. Our children did a great job!

The visiting students spent all afternoons with the host families. They were brought to their homes to show how dutch people live and other interesting places.  For our students was very impressive the amount of bicycles in Netherlands and the importance of the train connections for everyone.


On Wednesday hosting families an visiting students and children had a lovely excursion to the Glassblowing museum of Leerdam. There was shown to us how the glass items are made. Afterr that children were divided into smaller groups and by using a map of Leerdam they had to find important places of the village. It was an eventful day.

On Friday all host families´s children and visitors had a trip to Haag to visit a place called Madurodam.


The week was eventful and full of activities and the teachers of the school were really welcoming and kind to us.  Thank you for having us!

Kaire Kiivit, Annely Kingo and students Gretheliis Kingo and Ragnar Itter.