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Lindi Elementary School students and teachers visited school CEIP el Peralejo in Alpedrete (Spain) from 14. – 18. of March, 2022.

This spring´s first mobility was to Spain to visit school  CEIP El Peralejo. From  14th to 18th March our school´s year 4 students Ragnar and Emmaliisa and their teachers Kaire and Ulla spent a week full of activities in the hosting school.

On a lovely Sunday we started our journey to Spain to visit CEIP El Peralejo.

During our visit it was really remarcable how the whole school was involved and took actively part of the whole week. In all over the school we could see different posters introducing the AXEP project.

At school we were very much welcomed and our students had the possibility to introduce Estonia´s geographical position on the map. Everywere were posters and materials of the AXEP project – we had a nice surprise to see Anna, our mascot, again.


A really lovely idea was to sing the welcoming song in sign language – to show, there are different peolpe in the world with different abilities.



Õpime teilt palju – We learn a lot from you!




Students spent a lot of time together in the classes and had really nice time with the host families.

During the stay at school Ragnar and Emmaliisa were involved in lots of activities and lessons together with the host school´s students.



For visiting students and also school´s students lots of different activities were prepared. For example there were 3 plays: one was about friendship and how a true friend is ready to go through challenges to get one´s friend back (because Pete, the parrot, was stolen from her) and the other was about fleas living togeher in an old mattress being different by size and colours and differences in mind, but they still got along finally. And the third one was prepared by the students and it was a shadow theatre, where small groups of children presented their short-plays.

Also there was an activity of foreigners and refugees to explain children, that having different skin colour or coming from different country is not a scary thing.


At school amongst other activities teacher Mercedes performed us an interesting play of fleas who were different by size, colour and personality, but still managed to have nice time together. The play tought the children, that differences are normal and we should accept everyone as they are.


A second play was prepared for the students aswell – it was about friendship and how we sometimes have to give from ourselves to make a friendship work.




We also had a lovely walk in local town and the centre of Madrid was introduced to us.


We were honoured to have a tour in the Hall of Municipality and even the nature showed us a really rare sight of African desert´s sand in the air.

A really interesting idea to get to know Madrid, the capital of Spain, was to divide students from El Peralejo and the visiting students into smaller groups, give them a map of the centre of Madrid with some points marked on them and let them discover the places themselves. Of course the teachers were there aswell, just in case.

Ragnar and Emmaliisa had a meeting with their classmates to show the school and surroundings. It was a nice way to be connected and also a conversation full of positive energy.


After an eventful week it was time to go home.

Thank you all in CEIP el Peralejo for your hospitality and hope to see you someday again!


Students – Ragnar Itter and Emmaliisa Mäesalu,  teachers – Kaire Kiivit and Ulla Orgusaar from Lindi Elementary School