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News about AXEP an Erasmusplus Friendship project against Prejudices and Xenophobia.

Good day dear colleagues, parents and pupils from all our partner schools.

I hope that are things at your school getting better at the end of this calendar year on your school. I hope that the awful Covid period will change in a positive way. We hope that there will be a change after the use of new vaccines. Please stay safe.

This autumn there was a nice pupils exchange on Gozo.

It was great how our host school in Zebbug could manage this week. It was impressive how our host school could receive us. They were still limited by all kinds of Covid restrictions. The children were still in their bubble in the classrooms. All materials had been removed from the classrooms. Yet we had our own room in the school where we were welcomed by teachers. Outside school, there was an opportunity to meet each other. In the school building with classes was used together with physical experiments. These were about the drinking water problem on Gozo. Because there was good contact between the students of the school and the children from the participating schools, the design of the project was completely successful. All the subject teachers did a great job letting the visiting children go canoeing and tracking. The other teachers gave special lessons about anti xenophobia but also provide lunches and special Gozo specialties. The visitors enjoyed it.

Many thanks are due to Ruben Mercieca and Sandra Casarini who pushed through to make this week go ahead. If you want to know more, you can see this on our website, where you can find the reports of the participating children.

It was so hard to say goodbye, but there will be exchanges to El Peralejo in Alpedrete, the last visit to Gozo and the final meeting in Houten at the end of this great project. And you never know, maybe this project gets another chance in two years…..


We are going on with our project, even when we cannot visit each other now.

What can we do? Every staff of our partner schools made a suggestion how we could be in touch with each other. It was amazing how many ideas came up: making video meetings and sing songs together, write poems about your school, give instruction about “How to make Xmas cookies” and even write Christmas cards to the other AXEP school. The pupils of the Volksschule Karres did already send a huge Christmas card to the partner schools.

Our mascot (s)travel can travel again!

Some teachers and the internal coordinator Mrs. Sandra Guci had a perfect idea. During the visits of our mascots, most of our pupils did not have the possibility to meet our own mascot Pexa.  Therefore, they arranged that Pexa, and some assistant – Pexa’s will visit our own pupils. At school, again the host pupil can tell what they did during the visit at their house. In this way we can share our backgrounds and the way we live in our families.

AXEP, and more, in future….?

There are plans for Erasmusplus for the coming years on the Plantage. This school is official accredited. They will be working on the objective sustainability next year. For the next scholastic years 22/23, partners are being sought for a student exchange project on sustainability. In two years’ time, de Plantage wants to repeat the successful AXEP project as an inclusion project through “reinforcement”. The children who already knew the project from previous years will certainly recognize it. Current partners are invited to participate, but new partners may also be welcome. Just let us know!

Best X-mas wishes and all the best for 2022.

Till so far, I wish you all the best during the last period before Christmas and a good start afterwards, with all the preparations, for the coming next part of the school year.

As usual, stay safe and keep in touch,

Anton Verwey.

Questions or remarks do not hesitate and contact Anton Verwey.

+31613698777 Whats App, call or mail