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Dear colleagues,

Hereby I give you some information how things are going with Erasmusplus Project AXEP in the coming weeks.

Visit to Austria in Karres.

All visitors to the Volksschule in Karres will be hosted in Gasthaus Traube:

Schulleiter Peter Schonger will make the reservations for all his guests, you just have to inform him when you arrive and when you will leave.

It is good to make your flight reservation early, you can save some budget.

So you can have breakfast and dinner in the whole group together. For lunch there will be catering service at school. Then the children go together to their host families and will be guided back for dinner.

The pupils, parents, teachers are very busy to prepare everything for the guests. Everyone is more than welcome. You will receive the program later.

Show case and Bulletin Board of our Erasmus+ project.

There will be a bulletin board and a showcase in the school of Karres. If you have information about your school or region like a poster or so we will put it the show case or on the pinup board

Minutes made by mario Azzopardi.

Mario made some minutes of our last meeting.

One of the main things was the schedule of our next meetings:

Austria: 27th – 31st January 2019

Spain: 2nd – 6th March 2019

Gozo/Malta: 16th – 20th March 2019 (Since 19th March is a public holiday in Malta, an excursion will be planned)

Estonia: 11th – 15th May 2019

Next year there will be a visit to Gozo and Spain or Estonia too.


We decided during the meeting in Houten that before the end of November at every school there will be a competition of our logo design about the item Friendship and the letters AXEP.

Every school sends in two winning concepts to the school in Houten before December. There will be an independent jury. The winning concept will be worked out by an artistic designer, so that we can use it during our project. We will try to show the winning logo in Austria.


The children that came to Houten did make a survey of their ideas about our country by themselves. They also will make it after their visit when they are at home and talk about the differences of their outcomes with the class. Teachers of these pupils are asked to send the results of both surveys soon (typed out, so that it can be read and copied easely) to Anton The outcome will be shown anonymous in our bulletin and in the final report.

As usual, keep in touch, Anton Verwey.