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Anton visited Lindi school children from 30 of March till 5th of April


Anton – the mascot of Karres school visited Lindi school children from March 30 till 5th of April.

Emmaliisa Mäesalu (10 years old):

Anton came to my house on the 30th of March and he stayed with me for two days. On the first day we were at home and he met all my pets: two dogs, a cat, two ponies, rabbits, a chicken, a rooster, parrots and a grass snake. In the evening he came with me to the stables where I go riding.


The next morning Anton was with me in my school lessons in Zoom because all school children in Estonia are learning from home right now.

In the afternoon we went together to Jõulumäe Sports Center where I have my skiing trainings. I went skiing with my friend Lisete (who also goes to the same school) and after the training Anton went to visit Lisete’s family.

Lisete (11 years old):

Hello, my name is Lisete Toompalu (11 years old) and I am in 4th grade in Lindi School. Anton came to stay with our family and met my mother, my little sister Miia and my cat.

Anton was with me during my piano lesson and listened to me playing the piano. The next day we took a trip to Pärnu to ride the scooter on the Pump Track.

Then we said goodbye and he went to visit the family of Gretheliis from 1st grade.

Gretheliis Kingo (8 years old):

Today (April 2) I met Anton. We went to Lindi bog.

The next day we went hiking in the nature in Tuhu bog in Matsalu.

The day after that we celebrated Easter. We decorated and then ate eggs together.

Today  (April 5) was the most exciting day for Anton – he saw what our Zoom lessons look like. I can say that everything was great and I enjoyed sharing my days with Anton.