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Pupils from LIndi (Estonia) and Karres (Austria) met in ZOOM to make friendship.

Students from Lindi and Karres schools had a successful meeting last week. A few weeks before the meeting both schools did some research about the other country. We shared the topics between classes and finally put together a big poster concerning interesting facts about Austria.

In addition, children wrote down their questions (the topics they were curious about) and we sent them to the other school. So, our task was to answer questions and also to translate our questions into English. Students practiced the right pronunciation during their English lessons. In the morning of February18 we had a meeting in Zoom. The students of both schools did a great job and it was an extraordinary possibility to meet each other.


We try to keep in touch and also have some new ideas for fun activities that everyone can participate in.

Namely, our students learned a new version of Estonian folk dance called Kaerajaan –  the new version could also be called a corona-version which means there is no touching other dancers. This is a simple dance and we uploaded it on youtube so you can have a look and maybe try it out as well.😊 If you do, please make a video and send it to us; also, please upload it on the website as well.

The dancing was filmed last week when our school celebrated Estonian Independence Day (this year we celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the Republic of Estonia).