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Friendship week and Valentine´s Day in Lindi school

Friendship week in Lindi school

There is a tradition in Lindi school that during the week before the Valentine’s Day children dress up wearing different styles agreed upon before. For example, the theme for one day can be cartoon characters, for the second day it might be to wear everything blue, on the third day to wear pyjamas, then to dress up as animals or wear your clothes inside out and then on Valentine’s Day the colour is red, of course. In Estonia we call Valentine’s Day “Sõbrapäev” (direct translation would be “Friend’s Day”).


Throughout the week children write small notes and make cards for each other and put them in a special box. There is a lot of excitement and joy on Valentines´s Day when the cards are finally distributed and opened.

After the school day is over there is a tradition to have a playback show called Lindivisioon where students step on stage as their favourite artists. The jury (all the audience) votes for their favourite performance.