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On sunday March 1th we went to Spain. When we arrived on the airport we checked in the suitcases and afterwards we went to the customs we had no delay and we were even earlier in Spain. We went by taxi to the hotel and then we had dinner and to the hotel room and we sleep well.


Monday March 2, the host families came to our hotel and we walked with them. We went to a nature reserve near El Escorial. They explained a lot and we also had lunch in El Escorial and that was fries with a schnitzel. We got a tour in the city and we saw a lot of nice buildings. And later we had a stop and then we got churros with chocolate sauce and that was really nice. When it was finished we had a short walk to the bus to go back to the hotel when we arrived at the hotel we went with Valentina to her house and she and her parents are really super nice and in her house we went to play fifa and fortnite and that was cozy and now we had a good night’s sleep.


Tuesday March 3 we went to school for the first time and we were really looking forward to it. When we arrived at school we were welcomed by the children and teachers and then we went to the classroom of Valentina and we made the flag of our country and made the flag of spain. When that was done we started playing games in the classroom and after that we got a tour. And then we had lunch at 2 p.m. and between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. we played outside at the schoolyard and then we went to the town of Segovia with the host families and walked around there and then to Valentina’s house where we had dinner and then we slept well. Segovia is a really old and beautiful city.

(Valentina was the host family)


Wednesday March 4. We woke up and we went to school on foot, we played outside for a while because the school starts at 9 o’clock and it was not 9 o’clock yet.. The bus was ready and we went to Madrid with class 6 (We were in class 5 so our host families unfortunately did not come) to Madrid. We got a tour there. The tour ended in the centre of Madrid at the Puerta del Sol and we walked to the famous park Retiro. After the picknick we went back to school. There we met our 2nd host family. We went to the house and had a drink there. In the evening we had a meeting at school. There was some food ready and we ate there. People from different countries talked about their experiences in different cultures. We went home and slept.


Thursday March 5. We went to school. When we were at school we showed the presentation to classes 4,5 and 6. We went to see the preschoolers. We could not enter the class because children from another country were still giving presentations. We just wanted to go to class until we were told we could come to town hall. We walked from school to the town hall. We took a picture there with the mayor of Alpedrete and we got button there. We then went to the cultural centre of Alpedrete where they had a library, ballet hall and music room. They showed us other special thing about Alpedrete like the monument for the special stones and the statue of Paco Rabal, a famous actor who is originally from Alpedrete. We took a look there. We walked back to school, we had a warm lunch there and they eat hot in Spain in the afternoon and in the Netherlands we eat a sandwich. We also take lunch from home to school and in Spain we had lunch at school.. We went to play outside for 1 hour and then to the home of the host family. We were at the host family’s house and we played a game. In the evening we went to the bowling alley and we also bowled there with the other host families and children from other countries. We also had dinner there. It was late in the evening so when we got there we went to sleep. The children go to bed later then we do in Holland.


Friday March 6. We woke up and had to pack our suitcases and we drove to school with the suitcases. We said goodbye to the 2nd host family. We could store our suitcases in a room at school. We did our last presentations for the small children. And we could sit with the teachers and masters of our school. Then we really had to say goodbye to the school and the host families. We walked back to the hotel. In the evening we had dinner at the mcdonalds. We liked this very much. We also went to have a look at some shops. We played some games in the hotel and then we went to sleep. This was the last night in Spain. What we enjoyed it was a really fun adventure!



Saturday March 7 we went back home today which we were really sorry because we were having a good time. We first started exercising in the gym in the morning and then showered and breakfast and when the taxi van was there we went to the airport and we bought some things there and bought some more souvenirs for the teachers and then after a long wait we took the plane and we were delayed and quite long so that was really annoying but it didn’t really matter. When we arrived at the airport we were glad to see our family again.

It was a very cool adventure! We laughed a lot. We will never forget this adventure.