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An overview of the visit

This visit, being the initial transitional meeting, provided the opportunity to all delegations to meet and get to know each other. The students were acquainted and attended classes according to their age group at OBS de Plantage in Houten. After school they spent the afternoon with a Dutch host family to experience their lifestyle and culture. Meanwhile co-ordinators and teachers participating in the project met to plan and discuss issues related to the project’s management. They also had the opportunity to observe the teaching and learning methods being practiced at the school.

Day 1: Introductions were made, visits to classes and issues related to the project’s management were discussed.

Day 2: Visits to classes and the project’s website was created and discussions took place on its content and how it should be kept updated.

Day 3: Visits to classes and a meeting with foreign parents of children at the school took place.

Day 4: Visit to three other Primary schools in Houten, presentation of certificates and evaluation of the initial transnational meeting.

Day 5: Excursion to Madurodam, Holland.

The visits to classes and the meetings provided chances for the delegations to observe and discuss school subjects tackling the main project’s objectives, mainly of overcoming xenophobia in schools among students.

This meeting gave the opportunity to observe and understand new and different learning methods and also environments as practised in different countries. All the meetings gave opportunities for the sharing of good practices, which were encouraged to be adopted back at school.

Participating schools learnt a lot from each other by sharing good practices but mostly from the hosting school. Besides fully welcoming us, they gave us the opportunity to observe their teaching and learning methods.

Participants will give feedback to SMT and teaching staff at school. The students will also share their experience with the other students so as to benefit from the project’s aims.