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Anna from Estonia!

In April 2021 Anna from Estonia came to visit us in Houten. We were very pleased to have her.

She brought us some flower seeds of the Estonian national cornflower.

We seeded them right away. Thank you Anna for the present!

Every pupil liked her right away and wanted to take her home. Therefore, Anna stayed at many houses in Holland.

Every morning Anna came to school and she wanted to l earn a lot about the Dutch (and specifically the Dalton) way of learning.


She saw how the children planned their activities, how they worked hard and how they had a lot of fun while they were playing (and l earning at the same time of course). Anna also experienced how it is to bring sandwiches for lunch to school. Some sandwiches she liked, some not.

The one she liked was the whole grain sandwich with Dutch cheese and lettuce!

Anna is very curious so she saw a lot and she made many memories to take home.

Thank you Anna for staying with us!

Anna’s weekend – 9-11 April 2021

This weekend Anna stayed with Annabel (6 years). Annabel lives in Houten and goes to school at the Plantage.Annabel took Anna home in the basket of her bicycle.

On Saturday, Annabel had swimming lessons and Anna watched her. As the Dutch have a lot of open water around their houses (like ditches, canals, rivers), all children between 5-7 years take swimming lessons.

In the evening, Annabel and Anna had snack night. They had fries with a typical Dutch snack, a ‘Frikandel’. Which is a kind of fried meat stick.

Sunday we enjoyed the spring outside, with its flower bulbs, blossoming trees and playtime.

We also found a painted rock. Painting and hiding rocks outside, for other to find, is a current Dutch hobby. It provides people with a smile and small gift is these weird covid-times.

We enjoyed the weekend visit with Anna, thank you!