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We asked the children which animal to think of that best suits the Netherlands. Of course they thought of the cow.Because you come across them everywhere in the Netherlands. So we decided that a cow should become the mascot of our school.

We bought a cuddly cow and Tess ten Boer (a student from group 3b) was allowed to unpack the surprise box. Then it was time to name our cow, each class having their preference written on a piece of paper.

The choice was difficult … we had to choose from 20 different names. But we have chosen PEXA the cuddly cow from obs. the Plantage

Dear Pexa, we will provide you with any cap, sunglasses, hair band and scarf you may need on your travels.


Bye bye Pexa, have fun on your trip through Europe. We hope you will have many adventures. In the box, there is an envelope for every host school with a letter and surprise for our friends, the pupils.

Send a message back to us quickly. We will miss you. Lots of love from all the children of obs de Plantage Houten Holland