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Visit Madrid Colegio El Paralejo March 2022

Last March we were able to visit the primary school in Alpedrete in Spain with 2 teachers and 4 students from our school. The AXEP made this possible in the context of friendship. We have experienced this as a valuable and instructive journey. You can read our findings in this report.

On Monday we went to El Paralejo primary school for the first time. We were given a tour of the entire school and received a warm welcome. Then we got to see a performance by the children of the school.

The Axep children then started playing different games with each other to get to know each other. The children also looked at different classes.

After school we went horseback riding with the Axep group and all host families. After the horseback riding we got to see a Flamenco performance in the arena, with a Spanish dancer and a man on a horse. Afterwards we ate together. It was nice for the children to meet the host families in advance, because they went home with the families the following afternoons. The children of our school quickly got in touch with all the other children through this activity.

On Tuesday we took a walk with the AXEP group through Alpedrete. We visited a museum and ate delicious churros.


Afterwards, the AXEP children did activities with the oldest children. Among other things, they followed a play about everyone being allowed to be us he/she is.

After that, the children went with the host parents and had a good time there. They have played with the Spanish children and have been spoiled with Spanish cuisine.

Halfway through the week, the children have already settled in their new school. There was a theater performance in English so that both the Spanish students and the guests could enjoy the show full of humor and fun.

In the afternoon we went to Manzanares Castle with children from the 5th grade. There we learned a lot about the history of Madrid and Spain. Because we have undertaken activities with all the different grades, the whole school was involved in the visit. After school, the children again had a nice afternoon with the host families.

On Thursday, the children of the AXEP group gave a presentation to show how things work in their home country. They told in English about their family, customs and school. In the afternoon the children were again allowed to go to the host family. Fun activities were organized such as bowling. The children really enjoyed this. As it was the closing evening of the project, a closing dinner was organized for the teachers and children. The newly formed friendships were celebrated and strengthened.

We closed the trip on Friday. All the children of the school were ready in the hall to say goodbye to the foreign guests. We went to Madrid with the oldest students of the school. There we did a photo scavenger hunt through the city. The children of the Spanish school were assigned to their new Spanish friends.

A journey to remember because of the new contacts, warm friendships and beautiful memories!