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Primary school of Zebbug May 2022

After all Dutch students had made preparations by practicing their presentations in their groups in the Netherlands, but also had completed the surveys and messages to the Gozo host  parents; they went by plane and ferry to the island of Gozo. They stayed in Marsalforn.

Besides all the cultural activities such as visiting museums and the citadel of Victoria, there were also nature expositions and a visit to the archaeological temple of Xhara. Here the children received a workshop with attention to the cultural differences and similarities between people in prehistoric times and today.

An explanation about the cultural and historical aspects and the current inhabitants was provided by Mr. Casar. This included aspects such as the lifestyle of the residents and their cultural background. A visit to the large cathedral and the air-raid shelters (where children had to hide) was not only spectacular, but just as fascinating.

On the second day of the exchange, all guests were welcomed by the assembly at Zebbug primary. All the children sang a welcome song and the European hymn “Alle Menschen werden Brüder”.

Afterwards, the children were taught in English about Friendship with the theme everyone is equal, but we all have our differences. After that, a role play about group participation was played. Another cultural aspect was covered by a visit to the local Santa Maria band club, a local music association, which focused on working together in Zebbug. Then there was a meeting with the host families. During the visit to the host family, the children came into contact with the typical family situation, including, for example, the rest period in the afternoon and the meal at a different time that they were used to at home. Later, all visiting children also ate and played together. Children learned to make good use of their English language skills.

On the penultimate day, the children visited the Ggantiaja Temples for a workshop in the associated visitor temples and went to Victoria for lunch on the roof of Il Hagar museum, followed by an outdoor activity in Dwerjra and the maritime museum.

During the visit to the school, the children had contact with their classmates in Houten via meet. They answered questions and reported on the visit to Gozo.

On the last day, the visiting children and the primary school children did a joint quiz (Kahoot) about Gozo and the partner countries.

The great week was concluded with a joint sports and game day, thanks to the organizing host school in Zebbug.

Welcome at the assembly of Zebbug Primary.