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Before the children came to Austria:
They expected:
Rain, cold, snow, beautiful views, small country, few people, mountains, skiing, snowboarding, small school, beautiful country, traditional food, a lot of meat, food like we have, monuments, museums, wooden huts, dark interior, a warm fireplace in the house, traditional games, the same games we have, we will speak English and sign language, first trip without my parents (nervous).

After their visit:
Interesting, funny, amazing, awesome, the trip was long but nice, nice houses, beutiful landscape, snowy mountains, they get up early and start early in school but lunch and dinner is also much earlier, the people are quiet, they have a good life and they are happy and funny, the children are quiet too, well organized and they pay attention to the teacher and behave well, the school was small, the teachers and children were very nice and we made a lot of new friends, we spoke in English and with signs, skiing is very popular in Austria, they eat a lot of soup, salad and sausages, they live in big houses, they have different farmanimals, we played a lot of games, we were in Innsbruck, I liked the Swarovsky museum most, I love skiing, we were busy all the time doing activities and visiting new places. It was all very nice and I enjoyed it a lot.